FY22 Budget Information

I. General Information
A. Budget Narrative
C. Announced/Allowable Tuition
II. Revenue
A. Revenue Spreadsheet
B. Graph of Revenue Sources
III. Act 68 and the Tax Rate
A. Tax Increase per Assessed Property Values
B. Tax/Income Sensitivity
C. FY21 Education Spending per Pupil Spending Comparison
A. General Fund Budget Summary
B. Expenses by Function - Summary
C. Expenses by Object - Summary
V. Budget Presentations
VI. District Operations
A. Capital Improvement Plan
B. Food Service Program
C. Transportation
D. Debt Service
VII. Budget Vote
A. Voting Record
B. Warning
C. Current Year Voting Results

Where can I get budget information or join the conversation?

Online - The MTSD board holds multiple meetings throughout the budget season. You can join any of the meetings by visiting link.mtsd-vt.org/mtsdboard, click here for the board meeting schedule.
Watch - You can also watch board meetings by visiting LCATV.org/Milton.
Vision of Learning
12/10/2020 @ 6 pm
FY22 Draft Budget
12/17/2020 @ 6 pm
Fund Balance Proposal
1/7/2021 @ 6 pm
Budget Promotion Plan
1/14/2021 @ 6 pm
Proposed Budget Meeting
1/21/2021 @ 6 pm
Budget Warning
1/25/2021 @ 6 pm
Budget Informational Planning Meeting
2/1/2021 @ 6 pm
Town & School Budget Informational Meeting
2/8/2021 @ 6 pm
Budget Town Meeting Public Hearing
3/1/2021 @ 6 pm
Town Meeting Day - Voting Day
3/2/2021 @ 7 am - 7 pm
Resources will be added shortly.
News coming soon.
Budget Phase
Planning Phase
12/10 - Vision of Learning
12/17 - FY22 Draft Budget
1/7 - Fund Balance Proposal
1/14 - Budget Promotion Plan
1/28 - Budget Warning
3/1 - Budget Show & Tell
3/2 - Town Meeting Day