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Equity and Education Support Systems

Embedded in our mission
is a commitment to practices that consider the whole child and that protect the right of every person under our care to feel safe, respected, and valued. We understand that each of our students is unique and that one-size-fits-all approaches are not enough to help them reach their greatest potential. We affirm each student's uniqueness by seeing assets rather than weaknesses, by opening doors even when the world outside closes them, by saying out loud that their lives matter, and by acting on this belief even when it gets difficult. 
Our work is grounded on a simple roadmap that acknowledges that no real change will happen until our individual behaviors translate into a larger culture in our schools and community. We start by recognizing the power of information, data, research, stories, and voices, and by using this power to create ambitious goals for ourselves through planning and policy. The following graphic illustrates this approach:
Policy at Milton
Educational Support Teams Revamped
Although the MTSD has always had different iterations of Educational Supports Systems, Act 173 of 2018 laid out brand new expectations for all schools in the state of Vermont. We are proud to have carried out extensive stakeholder consultation and a careful review of our existing processes to eventually produce our brand new EST manual. This guide provides clarity for both teachers and families, and aims to streamline supports for students while shedding unnecessary hurdles.