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Special Education

Special Education entitles eligible children to a free appropriate public education beginning as early as the child’s third birthday and can be provided to those eligible through 21 years of age.
Age 3-5 Services: Essential Early Education (EEE)
  • Educational program designed to provide educational services to students with a developmental delay (40% or more), a medical condition which places them at risk of developmental delay or with an identified disability according to 3-21 regulations.
  • Services provided in an array of environments, including school-based early education classrooms as well as home/community-based environments.
Age 6-21 Services: Special Education & Related Services - Students are identified as being in need of special education services if they meet the following:
  • Presence of an identified disability in one of twelve recognized disability categories.
  • Disability has an adverse effect on the students’ education (defined as performance in the lowest 15th percentile for same-aged peers)
  • A student is in need of specialized instruction that cannot be provided through the school’s system of supports for all students
An individualized education program (IEP) is designed for students eligible for special education to provide a free and appropriate public education without charge to the parent or student.

Students are eligible for special education services after they have been determined eligible under Vermont State Regulations.
Special education regulations entitle families to specific rights in regards to their child’s education. More information can be found here on the State of Vermont Agency on Education site.