Student Forms

Extended Student Absence Request

Vermont Statute Title 16, Section 1123, stating, “the Superintendent of a public school may excuse, in writing, any student from attending the school for a definite time, but not more than ten consecutive days and only for emergencies and absences from town.”, will include:

1. Emergencies and/or

2. Absences from town related to an emergency or other exceptional situation.

In the event of either an emergency or absence from town related to an emergency or exceptional situation, the family would submit the appropriate form requesting any such absences to be excused.

Absence is:

2 to 5 days - Complete the form and submit to the Principal

      Absence is: 
      6-10 days - Complete the form and submit to the Superintendent
School Choice
A lottery will be conducted at each Choice School to fill available slots for the coming school year the first week of March. Please complete the application and return to the Principal of Milton High School as soon as possible. The deadline for application to all Choice Schools is March 1st.
Homeless Referral Form - Internal use only.
Faculty/StaffL Please complete this form if you know, or suspect that one of your students is experiencing homelessness.
If you are a parent and are experiencing homelessness (have lost your permanent housing, are doubled up with a family member or friend, etc.) please contact your any of these school personnel: your child's teacher, principal or the MTSD District Homeless Liaison Jennifer Saunders at 802-893-5302 or [email protected]