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What to do if you have concerns.

We understand that it can be confusing to know whom to contact for a discussion on particular issues.
Parents and community members are encouraged to address their questions or concerns to the person or office most directly involved.
A child’s teacher should be the initial point of contact when parents/guardians have a question or concern about specific issues such as student performance, discipline, or school activities.

School Level

Designated School Staff to Receive Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying Complaints Annually, each Supervisory Union must designate two or more people at each school to receive complaints of Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying.
Designated personnel is in the student handbook and on each school's website.

District Level

Parents and community members should contact a teacher and/or principal prior to initiating contact with District Personnel.

Child Nutrition Program

The Child Nutrition Manager should be contacted for any questions related to our school lunch program or other food service matters.


The Director of Curriculum and Instruction should be contacted when parents have questions about instructional practices, education materials, curriculum, ELL, and student performance data that cannot be resolved at the school level.

Local, State, and District Assessments

The Data & Assessment Coordinator should be contacted when parents have questions regarding local, state and district assessments such as the STAR, SBAC’s, and student performance data, that cannot be resolved at the individual school level.
Could not find any faculty or staff.

Special Education Services and Federal Programs

The Director of Student Services should be contacted for questions pertaining to all special education services and Federal programs.

Buildings & Grounds, Operations, and Facilities

The Manager of Buildings & Grounds should be contacted for questions about buildings and grounds, operations, and facilities.

Employee Health Insurance, Personnel Matters, Employment Opportunities

Human Resources should be the initial point of contact with questions related to employee health insurance, personnel matters, employment opportunities.

District Finances, Purchasing Practices, Budget Matters, and Facility Rentals

The Business Office should be the initial point of contact with questions related to District finances, purchasing practices, other matters related to budget, and facility rentals.

District Network & Systems

The Technology Supervisor can respond to inquiries related to the District’s network and systems.

District Transportation Services

The Transportation Coordinator should be contacted for questions about District transportation services.
Could not find any faculty or staff.

District Superintendent's Office

The Director of Operations should be contacted with safety concerns or any concerns related to Facilities or Food Services that were not resolved with the first point of contact.
The District Superintendent’s Office should be contacted with questions about District policies or procedures and their application, or Board of Trustee business.