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The Superintendent

Amy Rex, Milton Town School District Superintendent, is located at the District Office, 12 Bradley Street. Amy oversees the efficient and effective operation of the entire school district.  Amy also acts as the chief administrator and is responsible for the management and administration of all public schools in Milton.

The Office of the Superintendent ensures the district remains in compliance with Board of Education policies, directives, as well as state and federal law.

The Milton Town School District Superintendent is Amy Rex, click here to learn more about Amy.

Welcome Back Letter

August 29, 2022


Dear Families

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome all new and returning MTSD families to the 2022-2023 school year. It was a beautiful Vermont summer and I hope your family had the opportunity to enjoy it. 

Each school year is a time for new beginnings and after three years of Covid restrictions and disruptions, our three schools, the pulse of this community, are eager to bring back beloved traditions as well as begin new ways of engaging students and families.  

We will continue to focus on mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on student learning while strengthening student participation and belonging. We will also focus on fostering positive relationships with families and working together to ensure that we have safe, welcoming, and student-centered schools.

Through our MTSD Whole Child Framework approach, we will address the unique needs and aspirations of each student by providing a learning environment that fosters growth in the following three areas:

  1. Academic - the knowledge and skills necessary for students to pursue their passions and be successful academically as they advance through grade levels and eventually prepare for their transition to college and career.
  2. Wellness - the knowledge and tools necessary for students to lead healthy and productive lives.
  3. Social Emotional - the knowledge and skills necessary for students to know and care for themselves, engage in positive relationships, and be productive members of their community.


The MTSD  will also continue to prioritize school safety. We have a comprehensive approach to safety that includes facility security systems, a school resource officer, and developmentally appropriate training and education for staff and students on safety procedures and response expectations for a variety of emergencies. Each school has regular safety meetings and conducts monthly emergency drills. We will also collaborate closely with Milton Emergency Management to plan, prepare and respond to different emergency situations. 


The work for achieving our Vision of Learning is an all-encompassing journey. One that requires the strategic use of data, evidence-based practices, and strong collaboration both within the school and with our families and community partners. Collectively, it is our priority to ensure that all students have access to an education that supports their growth and success.  


Throughout the school year, the district will share resources with families to support our common mission. Attached to this letter are grade-specific strategies for supporting effective student attendance. Regular on-time attendance has many benefits for students. It contributes to increased self-esteem, positive peer relationships, and connection to the school community as well as academic proficiency and on-the-job success. 

Attendance - K and 1 - Get Ready.pdf   Attendance - Elementary.pdf  Attendance - Middle & High.pdf 


Amy Rex