The goal of the MTSD, amid the lingering Covid-19 pandemic, is to safely maintain full, in-person instruction throughout the school year. Flexibility and patience will be essential as the conditions of the pandemic continue to fluctuate. As a result, it is possible that our mitigation measures and expectations for attending school could change in accordance with viral peaks and valleys.

Staying Home When Sick

If any of these symptoms are present, it is important that all staff, students, and faculty members stay home.

This is recommended for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals:

❏ Fever of 100.4 or greater
❏ Cough
❏ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
❏ Chills or repeated shaking with chills
❏ Sore throat
❏ New loss of taste or smell
❏ Significant rash, with other symptoms on this list
❏ Runny nose
❏ Stomach ache, nausea, vomiting
❏ Diarrhea


Vermont Legal Aid may be able to assist with past due rent or overdue mortgage payments. 

The COTS Housing Resource Center is available to provide support services for households that are at risk of losing their housing.


Contact MTSD Homeless Liaison Jen Saunders at 802.893.5302 or

MTSD may be able to assist eligible families with food, school supplies, clothing, transportation to/from school.

Bus Routes & Bus Stop Protocols

Masks are required for ALL individuals on ALL school transportation: buses, cabs, drivers ed vehicles, MTSD van/specialized transportation, premier bussing, or other bus companies. Assigned seats and daily seating charts with last names, dates, and school will be recorded using the same format at the end of the year. Buses will be disinfected after each route, and hand sanitizer will be on the bus. Windows should be cracked/opened as much as possible.

Visitors During School Hours

Visitors will be restricted from entering the building during the school day until further notice. Parents attending student meetings will be allowed on a limited basis with permission from the building administrator and in accordance with school sign-in procedures and mitigation strategies.

Public Use of School Buildings

After-school use of school buildings and grounds are open for public use on a limited basis for approved organizations. Scheduling building use must occur through the electronic usage form on the website. All visitors will be required to mask for all school-sponsored student events that are held indoors until further notice.

All unvaccinated individuals are required to mask at all times when in the school building.

For more detailed information regarding our COVID-19 mitigation strategy please visit the COVID-19 Handbook, linked below.

District Commitment

The MTSD is committed to the health and safety of all members of the learning organization, the social and emotional well being of students and staff, and ensuring that all students have equitable access to a high-quality teaching and learning experience. In reopening our schools amid the COVID19 global pandemic, we will be prioritizing the public health of our community.
We want all children and staff back at school. In order to do this as safely as possible, we will align our reopening with recommendations from the Vermont Department of Health and Agency of Education. We will continue to work closely with our State and Regional partners and make decisions informed by science and State epidemiological data. Our plan for reopening school will allow us to be nimble and move quickly to respond to the changing trajectory of the virus.

The COVID19 situation continues to rapidly evolve. Information shared by the MTSD is subject to change based on new scientific data and guidance provided to us by the VT Agency of Education (VT AOE) and the VT Department of Health (VTDH).

Case Dashboard

MES: 13
MMS: 8
MHS: 3
Total Cases: 24