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The program mission is to provide support for teachers new to MTSD and to promote reflective professional practice, The Milton Town School District Mentoring Program is designed to promote:

  • Direction and focus,
  • Collaborative culture,
  • Internal accountability,
  • Digital-age learning,
  • Continuous improvement,  
  • Support and retention of new teachers.
  1. To integrate new teachers into the collaborative culture of their school, MTSD, and the community
  1. To acclimate the new teacher to the norms and practices of their school
  1. To introduce new and transitioning teachers to the K-12 curriculum work and current initiatives within the content/program area of the teacher
  1. To reduce the concerns and provide support for the challenges common to new teachers or teachers new to a system (i.e. classroom management, interaction with parents, diversity in students, instructional issues)
  1. To develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values vital to a growth mindset leading to success throughout a teacher's career
  1. To build a community of learners to reflect on professional practice
  1. To enhance a new teacher’s personal and professional development, enabling each to attain greater instructional competence
  1. To provide instructional and interpersonal support that furthers this development
  1. To offer opportunities for new and experienced teachers to analyze and reflect upon student work
  1. To offer opportunities for new and experienced teachers to analyze and reflect upon their practice
  1. To improve student learning outcomes and the quality of learning experiences for students 
  1. Orient new teachers to the MTSD Supervision and Evaluation Model and provide general support in understanding both the model and the collection of evidence in their E-Portfolio
  1. To retain highly qualified new and experienced teachers
The MTSD Mentorship Program accomplishes these goals through:
  • Ongoing dialogue that focuses on student learning,
  • Fostering and modeling a collaborative learning culture,
  • A focus on continuous improvement 
  • A framework to support and retention of new teachers.