FY24 Budget Information

FY24 Budget Book

Your guide to the Milton Town School District Budget. Every year the district receives key information from the state that arrives on specific dates; as that information becomes available, we add it to our budget book. The following budget book will be populated with links shortly.

  1. Budget
    1. Approved Proposed Budget 1/19/23
  2. Revenue
    1. General Fund Revenues & Revenue Details
  3. General Information
    1. Tax Commissioner Letter
    2. New Positions Rationale
  4. Act 68 and Tax Rate
    1. Tax Increase per Assessed Property Value
    2. Components of Change in Tax Rate
    3. Three-Year Tax Comparison
  5. Budget Presentations
    1. FY24 Proposed Budget - January 30th
    2. FY24 Budget Informational Video
    3. FY24 Proposed Draft #3 - January 12th
    4. FY24 Proposed Draft #2 - January 5th
    5. FY24 Proposed Draft #1 - December 15th
  6. Budget Vote Information
    1. Warning
    2. What's on the Ballot?
    3. MTSD Budget Voting Record
*Additional information and section links will be added as budget information is confirmed.

Question of the Week

Question of the Week

How do I vote?

There are a few ways to get your ballot and vote ahead of the town meeting day.
Question of the Week

How does School Healthcare work?

Act 11 - Health Care Coverage
Passed in 2018, Act 11 created the Commission on Public School Employee Health Benefits.
In the past, school districts negotiated health care cost-sharing and criteria through local collective bargaining.
The commission determines the cost of health care premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, eligibility criteria, full-time employment status, and Tiers of Coverage.
Question of the Week

How does the change in Special Education Funding impact the MTSD Budget?

A component of ACT 173 passed in 2018 (and then delayed due to Covid 19) is a change in the special education funding.

Previously, districts were reimbursed for the costs of services for each students' Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The reimbursement came in the form of revenue.

The new census block grant model means that each district receives a specified dollar amount for each student in the district with an IEP. This dollar amount is the same for every student regardless of the cost of the services required.