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School Safety

Milton Town School District is committed to ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff during emergencies. We regularly review safety protocols and conduct drills to prepare all staff and students in the event of an emergency.

What do I do if there is an emergency at the school?

Families, Guardians, & Parents

  1. Do not come to the school.
  2. Do not telephone the school. Telephone lines will be for emergency communication only.
  3. Information will be shared with parents/guardians via School Messenger, our mass notification system. Families may receive voice, text, and/or email messages throughout the emergency. We will do our best to send up-to-date information as necessary. If possible, updates will also be posted to our district website page: https://www.mtsd-vt.org/ and social media sites.
  4. If applicable, information and instructions on how and when to reunite with your child(ren) will be shared via School Messenger. 
  5. If applicable, reunification may occur at the school or at another facility in the community. In this event, once all students are accounted for, they will be transported by bus to a designated family reunification site.
  6. Any reunification that occurs will be conducted in accordance with our procedures and explicit directions for releasing children will be provided to families in a timely fashion.
  7. At the reunification site, students will only be released to their legal parents/guardians.

Students & Staff

Depending on the type of emergency, staff and students need to respond according to Milton Town School District Crisis Guide, follow the directions provided by administrators, and adhere to response protocols. 

Violent Intruder

Milton Town School District encourages students and staff to follow the A.L.I.C.E. strategies during a violent intruder crisis.

Other Emergencies

Students should follow the safety protocols as directed by the school’s faculty and staff during non-violent emergencies.