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Herrick Project Committee

The Milton Town School District ( MTSD), in partnership with TruexCullins, is seeking community members to serve on the MTSD Herrick Project Committee. This committee is being formed to address the Herrick Avenue facility deficiencies that came to light during the MTSD Master Facilities Evaluation, including aging infrastructure and aspects of the design that are incompatible with current building security and educational programming needs.

Similar to the Milton on the Move process, we strive to engage the voices, leadership, and decision-making of community members in planning their town's future related to school facilities that are able to accommodate a high quality educational program and attract families to the town of Milton.

The members of the committee will serve as ambassadors; that is, representatives who are able to communicate the current conditions and needs of Herrick Avenue, make informed recommendations to the Milton Town School Board Trustees, and promote the specific course of action.


The Herrick Project Committee is seeking the following membership:
  1. Parents/guardians of children PreK-6 who are interested in improving the quality of the facilities for all children.
  2. Community members who are dedicated to public investment opportunities that will contribute to the quality and growth of Milton as an attractive, well-serviced community for all.

Committee Commitments

  1. Initial in-person meeting, Thursday, September 1, 2022. This meeting will be from 5:30-7:30 and provide committee members with an overview of the Herrick Facilities Evaluation and an examination of the facility.
  2. Monthly virtual meetings on the first Thursday of the month beginning October 6, 2022. These meetings will be from 5:00-6:00 p.m
  3. Possible presentation to the MTSD Board of Trustees - TBD

Committee Direction

The Herrick Project committee will review the current Herrick Facilities Evaluation Plan and Concept Design, identify and collect any additional information necessary to inform decision making. They will conduct a community engagement process to collect input and determine the viability for future planning. The committee will construct a recommendation or set of recommendations for the Board beginning with (but not limited to) the following questions:

  1. Given the information related to the cost of renovation versus rebuild, what is the best path forward?
  2. Given the current design and space needs for Herrick, the Facility Evaluation, and the recommended concept design for additional space, does a PreK-8 facility remain viable?
    • If so, what options should be considered for any renovations or rebuilding so that any investment Milton makes provides a long term (50+ years), cost effective school that meets the needs of the community.
    • If not, what options should be considered so that any investment Milton makes provides a long term (50+ year), cost effective school that meets the needs of the community.

Committee Purpose

The results of the MTSD Master Facilities Evaluation indicate that many operational components of the Herrick Avenue facility are well past their useful life. In addition, the age of the design does not lend itself to the current or future needs for building security or educational programming.