Continuous Improvement Plan


These three interconnected or "braided" goals serve to equitable educate all learners in the areas of Social-Emotional Learning, Cultural Proficiency, and Academics.
2020-2021 CIP Goals

Cultural Proficiency trained in the Beyond Diversity framework. They will learn to use the framework, engage in conversations (and take action) in order to ensure equitable access to learning, and create a sense of belonging for all.

Universal Design for Learning

...skillfully use the UDL principles and evidence-based instructional strategies to ensure equitable access, enhance student discourse, and provide focused feedback toward clearly identified learning targets in specific content areas.

Restorative Practices

...understand and use Tier I restorative practices using their content in order to build a community of learners in their classroom and will continue professional learning in this area.

Based on discipline data, counseling referrals: There will be an average of 10% decrease in behavior referrals due to the implementation of a comprehensive review and improvement of all MTSS Tiers (Academic and Social Emotional/Health) to more effectively meet students' needs and monitor their progress.
Perception data will show a statistically significant improvement of culture for all students, staff and families.