Board Meeting - Herrick Presentation

The Herrick Avenue Project Committee hosted a Community Forum last fall to:

  1. Share information regarding the condition of Herrick Avenue Facility
    1. Herrick Avenue Project - Infrastructure Priorities
  2. Outline 5 possible options for renovating and/or rebuilding
  3. Answer questions and gather input from community members

As a result of this forum and data collected from a widely circulated survey, respondents identified the following priorities for the MTSD Board to consider when setting the direction for a Herrick Avenue project:

  1. Priority #1 - Consider the option the provides the best possible educational space for the learning needs of students both now and in the foreseeable future 
  2. Priority #2 - Consider an option that is the least disruptive to teaching and learning 
  3. Priority #3 - Consider the option that allows the MTSD to control costs to the greatest extent possible

The results of the survey can be viewed HERE

Based on the Herrick Avenue Facilities Evaluation, dialogue regarding the needs for teaching and learning and community input, the Herrick Avenue Project Committee narrowed the scope of options from 5 to 3. 

The committee will present the 3 options to the MTSD Board of Trustees for discussion on February 15th at a Special Meeting. Please attend to learn more about the options being presented and give your input.