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Welcome to Milton High School

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PK-12 Bus Transportation Routes for 2014-15

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Milton High School, Milton Vermont

Welcome to Milton High School. We are looking forward to another learning filled year. To read more of our Welcome Letter click here.

Core Values and Beliefs

Milton High School is an inclusive and supportive educational community for students, educators, parents, and the community. Our educational community believes students must take ownership of their learning - thinking critically, creatively, and globally across disciplines, and adapting to a rapidly-changing world. We foster a collaborative partnership among teachers, parents, students and community. In addition to learning in the classroom, co-curricular educational opportunities take place so that Milton students value wellness, cultural literacy and global awareness. All students have challenging 21st Century learning opportunities. Instruction is personalized, research-based, and data-driven. Curriculum, assessments, and instruction, aided by technology, involve students in authentic learning opportunities that require curiosity, imagination, and healthy risk-taking while embracing their personal learning styles. Students, educators and school leaders engage in active and purposeful learning within an organizational structure that promotes collaborative learning partnerships and instills school pride. Assessments provide variety and choice that inform on both the formative and summative level. The Milton learning community values technology as a way of leveraging learning beyond the traditional boundaries of the school. We actively encourage and support student education beyond the secondary level.

Academic Expectations

  1. A Milton graduate discerns, analyzes perspectives, reflects and thinks critically using a variety of contexts and content areas.
  2. A Milton graduate comprehends, interprets, and evaluates a wide range of written and visual material.
  3. A Milton graduate collaborates respectfully to leverage the intelligences of diverse groups to solve problems, attain goals and increase innovation.
  4. A Milton graduate sets goals, creates learning opportunities, and self-assesses in order to become an independent learner.
  5. A Milton graduate articulates and expresses thoughts and ideas effectively in different contexts using a variety of media. A graduate uses communication for a wide range of purposes with an awareness of audience.
  6. A Milton graduate as a global citizen, understands the importance of culture and diversity within Milton High School, his/her community, country, and the world. A graduate understands the past in order to critically evaluate the present, and determine how it shapes the future.
  7. A Milton graduate uses appropriate technology for a variety of authentic purposes.
  8. A Milton graduate understands the components of life-long wellness, including emotional, physical, financial and occupational health.
  9. Civic Expectations

  10. A Milton graduate is an informed and active citizen.
  11. Social Expectations

  12. A Milton graduate practices Habits of Mind.

Important Information School Year 2013 - 2014

Updated 2014.05.14

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Notes from the Superintendent's Desk

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ATTENTION MHS Juniors and Seniors! Apply NOW through May 15 to *Husky's Summer Institute* for paid college credits and $3200 of summer income!! Click here to read more - apply NOW!

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