MTSD Strategic Plan

verb Strategic planning is a process of decisions made by an organization to set goals, develop a long-term vision and outline a course of action to achieve those goals and implement the organization's vision.

The MTSD strategic planning process is:
yellow arrowThe SOAR Committee

MTSD Superintendent Rex was tasked by the MTSD Board of School Trustees to find a means to achieve the following goal:

Capture and analyze the thoughts and dreams of K-12 students, educators, school staff, and parents/community members about MTSD student learning, programming, and wellness as a foundation for the next phase of plan development.
With the assistance of UP for Learning the SOAR Committee was formed.
The committee culminated in the release of The SOAR Report  and SOAR Overarching Themes and Conclusion.
yellow arrowPresentations on the Vision of Learning
In the fall of 2019, Amy Rex presented the Vision of Learning structure within the school community at several face to face meetings with faculty and staff. Everyone was invited to provide feedback .
The structure below is called a Vision of Learning. Collective, each of the different components provides a school district with an essential overview of where they want to go, what they want to be, how they will get there, and why others should take the trip with them. The structure is meant to build a common understand among stakeholders, and outline a common direction of growth.
District Vision flow chart
Drafts of a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, Core Beliefs and Values and a Theory of Action are crated. Each component is defined as:
      • The vision statement is what we hope to achieve in the future
      • The mission statement is a brief overview of what we provide or how we will achieve our vision
      • Core beliefs and values are the guiding principles or values we rely on when we are at our best in terms of teaching, learning, relationships and partnerships
      • Theory of Action is a set of core actions the district will take to achieve its vision.
yellow arrow The Whole Child Framework

We are committed to addressing the unique needs and aspirations of each student in the following three areas:

      1. Academic - the knowledge and skills necessary for students to pursue their passions and be successful academically at the next stage, including college and career
      2. Wellness - the knowledge and tools necessary for students to lead healthy and productive lives
      3. Social Emotional - the knowledge and skills necessary for students to know and care for self, engage in positive relationships, and be productive members of their community
Whole Child Framework wheel
Community Input (coming soon!)