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School Messenger


School Messenger is an automated messaging system.  It is the product that replaced Alert Now, which we used for many years.  We chose to move to School Messenger in the summer of 2015, after researching all of our options in this field.  We chose School Messenger because of its rich features, close integration with PowerSchool, and costs which were lower than Alert Now.  Many other schools in the state use School Messenger, and reported positive experiences with the system’s performance and customer support.

When we use School Messenger, we have many choices in who to contact and how to reach them.  We can use the program to send emails, phone calls, and text messages.  Eventually when we get more familiar with the system, it has further options for iPad / Android apps for your phone, and automatically updating our social media accounts.  This system also allows us to send messages to selected groups, based on home room, grade level, or a host of other criteria.  We are excited about the possibilities of enhancing our communications to families so that they are more accurate, timely and relevant.

Just like Alert Now, School Messenger allows us to differentiate between primary and emergency contact information.  Primary contacts will be used for all communications, and emergency listings will only be accessed in a situation that the District Office deems necessary, such as a mid-day closure.

The system will only call each number once, even if you have multiple students.  The only time you would receive multiple calls on the same number is if two separate messages were sent.

If you would like to edit your child(ren)’s contact information, please call the school at 802-893-5400.