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Amy Rex
Superintendent of Schools
Office: 802.893.5301 
Cell: 802.825.1151
Twitter: @rexa_mtsd
I grew up in Foxboro, Massachusetts in the 1970s. I was the youngest of six and my parents were educators on different paths – one a school nurse, the other a high school principal, and both were committed to the well-being of all children regardless of learner profile, race, origin, or socio-economic status. They both held the belief that every child had the inalienable right to proper health care, a quality education, and enriching extra curricular experiences. And although I never heard them ‘speak their creed’, their actions over the course of my development, spoke volumes. Subsequently, these actions influenced my passion and commitment to equity and excellence in education; a passion I hope to instill in my own two children as well as all the children I serve.
My career in education began in a residential program for adolescent boys in need of intensive academic and social/emotional support. I then taught middle school social studies for 10 years at Lamoille Union Middle School in Vermont where I was also a team leader.

In 2009, I accepted my first leadership position as principal for the Danville School, a K-12 rural Vermont school. Partial to serving adolescents, in 2012, I accepted a position as Co-principal at Harwood Union Middle and High School in Duxbury, Vermont. After five years of incredibly rewarding work focused on a creating a system of personalized learning, I took a one year hiatus and returned to Massachusetts. During this time, as a principal in the Berkshires, I was able to visit more regularly with my elderly parents while reflecting on the next phase of my career stage, and this drew me to the superintendency.

I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of MA, Amherst and my Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Vermont. I also attended the Vermont Snelling Leadership Institute and the Vermont Superintendent’s Academy.