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We are going to travel back in time, and take a close look at some explorers in our history. You will walk in the shoes of an assigned famous explorer. On your journey, you will record all important information. At the end of your journey, you will be asked to teach the class about your explorer by sharing the information you found.



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The Task

 Your task is to return from your journey with as much valuable information about your assigned explorer as possible.

Consider the following when you are recording information:

Keep a track of dates of important events that happened in the life of your explorer. Name the country that your person explored for.

What was their reason for exploring? Please explain.

You will have to describe things your explorer saw or discovered on their journey.

(ex. animals, landmarks, plants, type of environment, climate, etc.)

You should tell what the discoveries of your explorer were, and how they have helped mankind.

Find at least two more additional facts about your explorer.

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The Process and Resources

You will be assigned an explorer and a presentation project

Refer to the task section of this Web Quest for a list of things that you should be looking for. Use these questions as a guideline, but please add any other information about your explorer that you think is important for others to know.

You will be given a paper to document all important information on. How you present the information on your explorer should be decided by your group.  Look for the rubric in the assessment section of this Web Quest.

Most of the information needed to complete your quest can be found on the chosen sites. This Web quest is posted on the Internet, and can be accessed at anytime. Please remember that although most information can be found on these sites, you should also use other resources found in the classroom, at home, or in the library. These resources may include books, videos, c.d.'s, encyclopedias, etc.


Bartholomeu Dias

Vasco da Gama

John Cabot

Vasco de Balboa

Juan Ponce de Leon

  Leif Eriksson


  Lewis and Clark Site 2



Marco Polo


Sally Ride  

Christopher Columbus 


Daniel Boone


Daniel Boone


Samuel de Champlain


Neil Armstrong

Amerigo Vespucci


Steve Fossette



Amelia Earhart


Paul Marks


Craig Venter in 2007Craig Venter


Sylvia EarleAfter winning the TED 2009 Prize




Edward H. White



Valentina Tereshkova



Jane Goodall



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Needs Work

Almost There

Good Work



Student didn't find any information using technology.

Student found information and answered some questions using technology.

Student found information and answered most questions using technology.

Student found information and answered all of the questions, and added more information using technology.


Student had trouble working with a team.

Student worked well with a team most of the time.

Student worked well in a team all of a time.

Student acted as a leader in the team, and helped others work together.


Student was not a good listener, and was not able to record facts about the explorers.

Student was a good listener for some of the presentations, and recorded some facts about the explorers.

Student was a good listener for all presentations, and recorded two facts about each explorer.

Student was a good listener for all presentations, and recorded more than two facts for each explorer.


Student had 3 or more explorer facts that were missing or inaccurate.

Student had 1 or 2 explorer facts that were missing or inaccurate.

Student answered all explorer task questions accurately.

Student answered all explorer tasks accurately, and found more than two additional facts.

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Learning Advice

Make sure everyone in your group is equally involved in the research, project and presentation. You may split up the duties.

Words that are underlined are links to other places in this Web Quest. The pictures in the process section of this Web Quest are links to an Internet site.

Hint: You will know if something is a link because your arrow will turn into a hand.

Make sure you and your partners practice how you will present the information to the class.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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Congratulations for completing the Exploration Quest. I hope you enjoyed the travels of a famous explorer. Now you will be able to share what you have learned with others, and learn of other famous explorers from your fellow students.


This Web Quest was designed by 3rd grade teacher

Steph Hurley


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