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The Earth is the third planet from the sun. Most of Earth is under water. In fact, oceans and lakes cover 70 percent of the planet. Land is the exception. We are going to explore all these large bodies of land called continents. There are seven of them: North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, and Europe. Each of them is different because it has its own individual shape, natural wonders, climate, culture, food, beauty and problems. You are going to have a wonderful time exploring one of these special places.

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You and your partner will be receiving a passport. It will state the continent which you and your partner will be visiting. As you visit each continent you must draw the continent, show its location on the world map and list interesting facts about it.

Questions to Ponder While Visiting Your Continent.......


1. What oceans does your continent border on?

2. How would you travel to your continent if you started from the United States?

3. What types of clothing would you need to pack to visit your continent?

4. While visiting your continent, what kind of climate did you encounter?

5.What exciting landmarks did you visit on your continent?

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For futher information about your continent click on continents

or go to

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1. You will be assigned a partner.

2. Get your large passport and world map and discover which continent you and your partner will be exploring.

3. Please look at the rubric under assessment to understand what is expected. Remember, you are being assessed on how well you work with your partner.

4. Click on the continent which you are exploring and begin your on-line research, gathering information to complete your task.



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Learning Advice

I want you to enjoy learning about your continent. You and your partner are responsible for doing an equal share of the task. While exploring your continent, take notes, draw pictures and print out information about your continent. Recording all your discoveries will help you complete your passport and postcard.

Internet Advice

  • Clicking on the name of the continent or picture of the continent will take you to the web site.
  • Print out information by going to "File" print.

To get to a previous page, click "Back" located on the top, left bar.

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Vermont Standards

The following standards will be assessed during this Continents WebQuest:


Standard 1.18

Students use computer and other tools of technology to research, to gather information and ideas, and to represent information and ideas accurately and appropriately.

Standard 3.1

Students perform effectively on teams that set and achieve goals.


Rubric for Continents WebQuest



Needs More Work

Not Yet, But Close

Met the Standard

Top Explorer

Standard 1.18

Had difficulty getting information to complete the task

Found some of the information

Found most of the information

Found all of the information

Standard 3.10

Had difficulty being part of a team

Worked well on a team most of the time

Worked well on a team all the time

Was a leader on the team and helped to support partner

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You have now completed your expedition, learning about one of the seven world continents. You have learned some amazing information about our world. You will share the knowledge you have gained with your classmates by presenting your passport and postcard.


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