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Milton is committed to the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play. It is expected that all persons, show respect to opposing teams, game officials and each other while at Milton.

The Athlete

Complies with all rules of training and conduct. Treats her/himself, officials, and opponents with respect. Accepts victory and defeat graciously. Keeps her/his emotions under control. Accepts and abides by the decisions of made by coaches and officials. Is a positive role model and a responsible representative of Milton Junior/Senior HIgh School.

The Spectator

Attempts to understand and be informed of the playing rules. Appreciates a good play no matter who makes it. Shows compassion for an injured player. Applauds positive performance; does not heckle, jeer or distract players; and avoids use of profane and obnoxious behavior. Respects the judgement and strategy of the coach, & does not criticize players or coaches for a loss of a game. Respects the property of others and the authority of those who administer the competition. Censures those whose behavior is unbecoming. Respects officials and accpepts their decisions without gestures or arguments.

Sportsmanship, n.
"the ability to take a loss without complaint or a victory without gloating, and to treat opponents with fairness, generosity, and courtesy."

- Webster's Dictionary

Spectator, n.
"one who watches without taking an active part."
-Webster's Dictionary

Sports, n.
"physical activity engaged in for pleasure."
-Webster's Dictionary


17 Rebecca Lander Drive, Milton VT 05468

Athletic Director: Michael Jabour 893.5470

Administrative Assistant: Patti Pixler 893.5473

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Wellness Exam Clearance Form

Co-Curricular Handout * Updated 11/13/2013

Emergency/Participation Consent Form *Added 11/13/2013
The Emergency/Participation Consent form must be signed by parent and athlete
and turned in to your coach on the first day of practice